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Casino Night
Casino Night

We bring the excitement and thrills of Las Vegas casinos directly to you! Full size CASINO TABLES, real SLOT MACHINES, and everything you need to manage a smooth event. Our party is the most interactive event you can have

CD Recording Booth
CD Recording Booth

Step inside our unique CD recording booth, choose your favorite song from our library of hundreds of hit titles, put on your headphones and you and a group of up to three people can walk away with a recording of your hit song.

Ceramic Photos Mugs
Celebrate an event or enjoy a special photo by creating a custom mug. Add your photo or logo to a white ceramic mug.
Coffees, Cocoas, Teas and More!
Authentic, gourmet coffeehouse flavors! Delicious regular and decaffeinated blends.
Cruzin Coolers

These battery powered coolers reach speeds up to 6 MPH!  Words alone cannot describe the hilarious laughter your 2 competitors will have as they race around a designated course.

Dance Dance Revolution
Dance Revolution

Innovative dancing simulation game that challenges the player with its combination of music, rhythm and coordination. Players step up to the dance pad and dance to the rhythm following the pattern of arrows that come streaming from the bottom of the screen.

Digital Easel

Participants takes picture. It is then converted into an 8 1/2 x 11 sketch or caricature

Dream Catchers

Design your own Dream Catchers. rings come pre-webbed and wrapped with various materials of faux suede cord, suede, nylon string, etc. Includes assorted colors of feathers, beads & embellishments for students to add for their own personal touch. 

Giant Drive-In Mobile Movie
Movie On The Lawn

This is the most impressive way to present your movies. Phantom Drive-In Theatres feature AC-3 Digital Surround Sound, gigantic rear-projection video systems. You can turn any room or outdoor area into a state of the art movie theatre.

Drive-In Movie-Dance Party Combo

This combines our impressive Phantom Video Dance Party and the crowd-pleasing Phantom Drive-In Theatre. You can't go wrong with this attraction.

DUI Simulator
DUI Simulator

DUI Simulator or Nascar Simulator. This is an visual an interactive educational tool. It is designed to promote alcohol & substance abuse awareness. Allows for a High-Tech Educational, Visual, Hands-On, Audience Interaction.

Engraved Bottle Opener

Put your name, engraved, on a bottle opener while on site.

Engraved Key Ring

Put your name, engraved, on a key ring while on site.

Euro Bungee Tramp

Our 4 station Euro Bungee allows up to four people to safely do a variety of aerial aerobatics. Safety cords are attached to the participants harness, and they are jumping on an inflatable air mattress. Jumper can do multiple flips, and jump as high as 25 feet.

Expression Bottle Art

Create a whimsical necklace, keychain or bracelet!  Your imagination will run wild.  Mini glass containers are small enough to roll up a mini message & tuck inside and large enough to fill with charming materials or personal keepsakes.  Fill with colored sand, charms, magic potions, fairy dust, mini shells, beads then add charms, labels & much more!  Many styles & colors to choose. 

Fleece Scarves
These fleece scarves are a great way to display your school logo, names or any personal message . Customized on site. Styles & colors may vary
Fleece Stadium Blankets
The fleece are a great way to display your school logo, names or any personal message. Customized on site. Available in a range of colors.
Flip Flops

Flip Flops - The fun begins when you design your own flops. Go glitzy and glam . . . or wacky and tacky. Let your creative juices flow and make a wonderful work of art that you can walk away with.

Fruit Smoothies

The explosive, full rich flavors of our Smoothies will excite and tantalize your taste buds. Our special blends will amaze you taste after taste.

Fun Photos
Fun Photos

You'll walk away with your face, head or body on a digitally composed photo Choose form fantasy, cover girl, sports, muscle man, magazine covers, comic characters and many more.

Gel Candles - Sea Scapes

Create your own Gel candle or sea scape. First decorate the bottom of the container with colored sand, shells, glass ornaments and more. Then our staff will fill your container with clear gel wax. We will then finish it off with your favorite scent.

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