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Bobble Head Dolls

Place your face on the doll of your choice -- Cheerleader, Policeman, Basketball Player, Baseball Player, Soccer Player, Fireman, Ballerina or Football Player.

Candle Making

Make your own candles. Pour different colors of wax granules to create a candle masterpiece. Various scents available.

Candy Buffet

Create your own Candy Buffet. For on the spot custom candy gifts for your guests.  Themed packaging, serving containers and tools, many different fun flavors & styles of candy including sugar free! We can ship it or come and do a Colossal Buffet for you.

Cell Phone Charms

Add your personal charm to any cell phone!  What better way to dress up your cell & make it charming than with your photo.  Just the right size with a handy cleaning pad attached.

Dream Catchers

Design your own Dream Catchers - rings come pre-webbed and wrapped with various materials of faux suede cord, suede, nylon string, etc. Includes assorted colors of feathers, beads & embellishments for students to add for their own personal touch. 

Flip Flops

Flip Flops - The fun begins when you design your own flops. Go glitzy and glam . . . or wacky and tacky. Let your creative juices flow and make a wonderful work of art that you can walk away with.

Glass Etching

An awesome hands on craft that provides your guests with a highly personal and customized keepsake that will last for years to come. Many assorted stencils to choose from.  Frames, mugs, mirrors, stem ware, sun Catchers & holiday Ornaments. 

Gold Fish Bowls

Make Your Own Gold Fish Bowls -- Choose Live Goldfish or Colorful Plastic Floating Bubble Balanced Tropical Fish. Participants get to design their own mini aquarium. Gold Fish bowls can be themed to match your event. We can come to you and do it or ship it to you.

Graffiti Art Tees-Pillow Cases

An awesome hands on craft that provides your guests with a highly personal and customized keepsake that will last for years to come. Many assorted stencils to choose from. Frames, mugs, mirrors, stem ware, sun Catchers & holiday Ornaments. 

Impress Art Jewelry Stamping

Hand Crafted Jewelry Stamping
Students make their own necklace, bracelet or key chain by hand stamping the metal. Accent it with beads, charms & much more. Many styles & colors.

LCD Flashing Key Chains

GO GREEN!! No batteries required!  Solar powered flashing key chain continuously flashes your photo.

Lucky Bamboo
Lucky Bamboo

Create your own “Lucky Bamboo” Plant.
We will provide the live bamboo, glass container, decorative rocks & more!  Ask about substituting our popular water beads in place of rocks!

Mardi Gras Masks

Decorate your own Mardi gras mask to wear at a celebration or use for decoration. Decorate them with various embellishments, such as: sequins, feathers, beads, ribbons & much more.

Petite Pet Shop

Smaller version of our Stuff It Pet Shop. but, these baby animals are about 10.5 inches.

Photo Bottle Opener

Your photo on a bottle opener !

Photo Key Chains

Let your guests take home a custom keepsake. We can also incorporate your logo or event theme. Many styles to choose from!

Photo Snow Globes

Shake it up with your favorite photo!! Many styles to choose from. Themed to your event.

Photo Viewer Key Chain
A Theme Park Original! We take a photo of your guests and in minutes we make the photo appear at the end of a photo viewer key chain.
Red Carpet Photos

Hollywood themed backdrop, red carpet runway, photo mount with custom printed label, Hollywood style props & more!  (Custom printed backdrops available at additional price)

Sand Art

Create your own work of art in colorful sand in containers. We supply you with over a dozen colors of sand & different bottles to choose from. Beautiful colorful creation!

You Stuff It Pet Shop

This a pawsitively amazing activity! Comes with unstuffed animals of your choice, Stuffing, Wishing Star, sound module, Birth Certificates & a custom T-shirt with your school logo to make this event even more fun & interactive.

Zen Garden

As you rake the sand around the beach themed props. Choose from many different themed props. Choose patterns & designs reflecting swirling pools or swift streams. It is the patterns evolving from the contemplative mind that provide the most serene landscapes. Experiment, meditate & enjoy!